World Renowned Entertainment is an Urban-Based entertainment grassroots initiative based in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, founded in the year 2000. Part of World Renowned Entertainments mission is to provide encouraging & inspiring entertainment through film, live performances and youth based programing.

The thrust of World Renowned Entertainment is to encourage as well as entertain. 

Satisfaction can be found through escaping reality for a moment.


Entertainment is a comfort zone to many people when dealing with stressful situations, some find answers, comfort, excitement, perspectives or just simple enjoyment.


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Rick Watson has been writing, directing and producing live entertainment since the year 2000, he has toured to several major cities in the United States, and he has become the brand and face for his highly acclaimed productions that has graced the stage throughout the Country.

World Renowned Entertainment is the company, Rick Watson is the brand and his works in the arts are the foundation.

The future of Entertainment is with us.

We pride ourselves on giving you entertainment productions that will not only fully entertain you, but inspire, intrigue and captivate you all at the same time.


Hysterical story lines mixed with reality situations of everyday life.

Fiction / Non-Fiction / Documentaries

Entertainment Is A Way of life & Culture

Entertainment Categories


Overwhelming emotional story lines that finds you in the verge of despair and grief.

About Us


Dealing with faith when encountering life's trials and tribulations.

My gift and satisfaction in life is to entertain people.